A niche carved out piece of utilization review process specially for Physician Reviewers. Managed Care Companies, Insurance Companies and TPA’s often user external physician panel for second level reviews. The utilization process although similar is very specific for Physician Reviewers.

ezPeers is a review management system designed for physician reviewers and physician panels mainly for file reviews/peer reviews.

ezPeers™ program handles all functions related to the peer review component of the overall utilization review process.

Key Features include:

  • Location of a qualified Medical Advisor, based on URAC and jurisdictional requirements Case assignment to a qualified Physician Advisor
  • Physician Advisor evaluation of all documents provided with the case, as well as the claimants medical history
  • Peer-to-Peer Consultation as needed when a Physician Advisor anticipates a non-certification based solely on the information provided
  • Generation of a detailed Physician Advisory Report to outline the Physician Advisor’s recommendation
  • Auditing and Quality Management Functions
  • Invoicing and Payment Tracking

management system designed for physician reviewers and physician panels

Anywhere Anytime

Anywhere Anytime
Today’s economy demands that business users have anytime, anywhere access to get the answers they need to manage their organization. Access
from any device mobile, tablet, laptops, and computers. Physicians can write
reports from anywhere, Management can check status of cases in assigned to
your panel. Pull reports and manage your operations.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface
An essential part of “easy to use” is intuitive interface. Users can focus on a task at hand without stopping even for a second to figure out the technology. Easy to train, easy to learn and easy to use. Built with clinical users in mind and based on extensive research.

Guideline Library

Guideline Library
Create your own library of treatment guidelines used in utilization review.No need to keep spreadsheets for jurisdictional rules. System create your own ezSmart reference library based on the most commonly used guidelines. NO need to research, copy and paste each time.

Automated Letters

Automated Letters
Customized MS Word letters produced directly from ezReview. Setup custom letter templates for each type of service, per state and type of letter/notification. Easy to setup letter templates. Generate letters on click of a button.


Setup price lists for all products and services. Create Invoices and track payments. NO need to print, directly email or fax from the system. Maintain records of the emails and fax records. Manage and track payments. Ability to bill per case, weekly, monthly or as needed.
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