ezReview , a state of the art Utilization Review and Case Management. ezReview provides real‐ time monitoring, instant case and medical history and better control of medical management processes. In addition, ezReview’s data mining capability will associate (initiate) a review at any level ‐ claimant, case, appeal, etc. Its client‐side instant reporting capabilities produces a dashboard with instant, interactive reports, graphs, and charts that provide clients the freedom to explore data in a visual and interactive way. We aim to drive up the quality of medical cost containment while driving down costs. ezReview is advanced technology built with modern architectural design concepts that provides a competitive advantage immediately and a ‘future proof’ advantage for our clients. “Clients can easily gain insight into the success of their managed care program and use that information to fine tune the performance.” ezReview can significantly improve throughput and significantly improve turnaround time. It supports evidence based practices and captures medical information in a database format that makes it easy to analyze trends and identify potential opportunities to enhance treatment. The software can be used as a stand alone package, or it can be integrated with any Case Management and Bill review software, This utilization review enforcement can save an additional 20% of medical spending over and above savings delivered by traditional bill review processing.

  • Single platform for case managers, adjusters, utilization review nurses, physicians, medical directors, vendors and supervisory and executive staff
  • ezReview fully automated process allows clinical staff and support personnel to efficiently handle the review activity
  • Role based access
  • Provides integrated, interactive online criteria solutions with multiple vendors.
  • Detailed tracking of the UR process and appeal process
  • Integrated letters (customized) program to facilitate regulatory during the utilization management process. customizable templates for regulatory requirements and communication documents
  • Notifications via email and SMS to each member that is part of the review team
  • Activity tracking
  • Accesses to patient history that help make informed
  • Advanced search capabilities, slicing and dicing of data
  • CPT, ICD code tracking
  • Communication: supports all media. Email and fax from the application
  • Client transparency: complete visibility, real time reporting, and access full history
  • Business Intelligence: drilldown capabilities on reports.

state of the art utilization review and case management tool


Workflow automation
Fully automated process to efficiently handle the review activity. Ability to automatically forwarding to a clinician or a designated queue for review. Online referral tracking to specialists.


Custom letters & Notification
Customized MS Word letters produced directly from ezReview. Setup custom letter templates for each type of service, per state and type of letter/notification. Easy to setup and easy to generate letters.expense of quality of care.


Setup price lists for all products and services. Create Invoices and track payments. NO need to print, directly email or fax from the system. Maintain records of the emails and fax records. Manage and track payments. Ability to bill per case, weekly, monthly or as needed.


Reporting and Analytics
Make informed decisions. State Reporting, Reports for Cost savings and ROI, Timeliness, timeline tracking/notification, Request category and Turnaround time


URAC Compliant
Automated time/date stamping of all reviews and referrals for compliance and quality. ezReview enables managing State specific rules and URAC driven policies and procedures. Our continuous quality improvement process has specific requirements in place to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.
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